Lifestyle Education

Lifestyle Education includes:

      "Reversing Diabetes" -  Grundy Reversing Diabetes Seminar (Grundy RDS) is a six-week community-based education program that focuses on diabetes prevention and reversal. 

      "Eight Weeks to Wellness" - an eight week instructional program that provides information for helping the individuals live healthier lives and increase longevity.

      "Depression - The Way Out" - a twelve week program that helps those suffering with depression find a new lease on life and live happier and healthier.

      "Coping with Stress" - a four week program that helps individuals understand stress and how to best control their lives and live a less stressful life.

      "Food for Thought" - a four week program that explains how the food we eat affects our ability to think clearly.

      "Living Free"  -   a six-week program focusing on overcoming addictions.

      "Simple Solutions"  -  A four-week program on basic good nutrition and health lifestyle.

      "Breathe Free" - a smoking cessation program that helps smokers 'kick the habit'.

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