"Touching Lives in Central and South Georgia"
Sharing God's Love in a Practical Way

Adventist Community Services / South Georgia is a faith-based social service agency, functioning under the 501(c)3 of the Georgia Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, serving 97 counties of Central and South Georgia. We operate 100% on contributions from churches and individuals, and appreciate the partial support of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference.  We work closely with state, county, and other private agencies to provide the best service possible to those in need regardless of age, handicap, religion, sexual preference, ethnicity, or country of origin. 

All contributions stay in Central and South Georgia.  We do not have to share a percentage to our home office in Silver Spring, MD.  And, contributions do not pay any administrative expenses.  All donations/contributions are used 100% for ministry/services.

Our Mission:

Adventist Community Services / South Georgia is a caring organization dedicated to meeting the needs of citizens in Central and South Georgia. Understanding that there are many needs among this populace, and believing that Christ is our example in service, the purpose of this organization is to meet those needs appropriately through emergency food and clothing, assistance to the elderly, lifestyle education, health screening, disaster response, or whatever needs are made evident.


ADVENTIST COMMUNITY SERVICES also helps in disaster response
Always there to fill a need through donated goods management


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