Food Bags for the Elderly

Because we find that the greatest population in South Georgia are elderly, and we find that many organizations provide services to families with children, but the elderly are overlooked in may situations, we focus our food program on the Senior Citizens of our communities. In partnership with Senior Citizen Centers and several Seventh-day Adventist Churches, we deliver over 16,000 pounds of food every month.   We deliver to the following places where they bag the food and distribute to qualifying individuals:

North Route:  

Spalding County - Griffin Seventh-day Adventist Church

Upson County - Thomaston Seventh-day Adventist church

Taylor County Senior Center in Reynolds

Taylor DD, A Middle Flint Behavioral Health facility in Butler

Macon County -  the Oglethorpe Seventh-day Adventist School where the students bag the food and deliver to the local senor center.

Americus Route: 

Freedom House Christian Church - in Desoto for their senior program 

Americus Senior Center

Marion County - Buena Vista Senior Center

Breezway - a Middle Flint Behavioral Health facility

New Beginnings - a Middle Flint Behavioral Health facility

Innovative Senior Solution - senior day care 

Perry Wellness Center - Rehab center

Sumpter DD - a Middle Flint Behavioral Health facility 

Local Route: 

Cordele J. Reginald Barry Senior Center 

Innovative Senior Solution - Senior Day Care 

Crisp DD - A Middle Flint Behavioral Health Facility

Easter Seal Daycare in Cordele

Phoenix House - A Middle Flint Behavioral Health Facility

Wilcox County Senior Center in Rochelle  

Dooly County  Senior Center in Vienna  

Easter Seal Daycare In Vienna

South Route: 

Irwin County Senior Center in Ocilla 

Coffee County Senior Center in Douglas

Clinch County  Senior Center in Homerville 

Brooks County  Senior Center in Quitman

Thomas County - the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Thomasville

Georgia Pines Behavior Health Facility In Thomasville

Colquit County Senior Center in Moultrie  

Tift County Senior Center in Tifton.